Snug Haus

from bare paddock to home and small business in the country

Water, water everywhere…

Water is great, when it’s where you want it. Continue reading “Water, water everywhere…”


Who’s living on our little patch of land? Continue reading “Owner-occupier”

Closer and closer…

We’ve been travelling, house-sitting and couch-surfing for a while now.  Last night, Richard asked plaintively “where are we again next week?” and that sums up life right now. Continue reading “Closer and closer…”

Cabinets and carports

Down at the building site first thing this morning. Continue reading “Cabinets and carports”

This week`

Bit by bit. Continue reading “This week`”

Roof and walls

The guest Haus is really starting to look good.   Continue reading “Roof and walls”

Out of the ground

That’s right, we have take-off. Continue reading “Out of the ground”

Pottering around

Now that building has started in earnest, we decided to celebrate by getting something nice for the visitor accommodation.  Continue reading “Pottering around”

Rocky road

“I’ve never seen SO MANY rocks” is not what you want to hear from your builder.   Continue reading “Rocky road”

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