Who’s living on our little patch of land?

We buy a paddock and have a piece of paper to prove it, but it’s only ours for a while and there are others living there, without a certificate of title.  They’re snacking on the cover crop we seeded last weekend.

You looking at us?
Just checking to see if anything’s germinated, honest

They’re running around as if they own the place.  I guess they do.  Let’s face it, they were here before us and we’re not stopping them.  The plan is to fence off a small area for vegetables and leave the rest for the wildlife, enhance it, even, to encourage more birds and other animals.  One, a wallaby, has been spotted by the builders emerging sheepishly from under the shed every morning.  I suppose it’s cosier than a bush.

These three tiny beauties dart around, following us at a discreet distance, keeping an eye on what we’re doing.  Hopefully, the touristy visitors to come will enjoy the wild creatures as much as we do.  They’ll be able to watch them from Snug Haus, when they get tired of the waterview.


Meanwhile, other previous residents are reminding us of the past.  They once planted these bulbs to cheer the dark, cold days of midwinter.  Others owned the land after them, had cattle, were part of the history of the place.  We’re the next chapter.