We’ve been travelling, house-sitting and couch-surfing for a while now.  Last night, Richard asked plaintively “where are we again next week?” and that sums up life right now.

If you’re in Tasmania, I’d recommend winter as a good time for house-sitting gigs, that’s when everyone heads for somewhere warmer, where there’s no risk of early -morning black ice.  Like Vanuatu, where my daughter is now, while we look after the guinea-pigs and cat.  We’ve been very lucky in that regard, as it can be tricky to find short-term accommodation that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Mimi, unimpressed with the frost

Next week, by the way, it’s off to my sister-in-law’s while they enjoy tropical islands.

We’re keen to move into the guest cottage, so we can stop being gypsies and get the vegie garden started.  I might plant a green manure crop in the meantime.  No doubt the wallabies will help us by turning it into brown manure the second it emerges, but at least there may be some roots to hold the ground together.  I’m thinking of planting  bulbs along the stone edge, as the wildlife doesn’t eat them.  It’s fairly late in the season, but they’re all on special now, so it’s worth a gamble.

future vegie patch from the shed

The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are being built as we speak and will be installed next week.  The tiling is coming along nicely, although the cold weather’s not helping.  Everything takes longer to dry and cure.

The floor boards are being laid, but we need the power connected so they can be sanded.  Tasnetworks are taking their time.



Tasmanian Oak floor

I took the photo of the shed without even seeing the reflection. Isn’t it strange what we notice?

That view!