Bit by bit.

More progress – on Monday we visited the building site with Mum and Dad and Owen from NEAThouse and Owen sent some update photos today.

Here you can see the bathtub freshly delivered on Monday and in place today, as well as the view from the bath and shower.  The walltiles will be large white ones and the floor and shower floor Urban Grey from Johnson Tiles in Moonah.  They have a nice terrazzo look that’s a little like the rocks outside and reflects the colours of the landscape.  Hopefully it’ll work well with the eco-ply vanity.


The timber cladding is all finished now, it was still in progress on Monday.  The carpenter’s in love with the wood, great to work with and beautiful stuff to look at.

And now there are walls inside!  All the insulation is in, the plasterboard ceilings are done. The main walls are plywood which will look like pine panelling and be painted white.  Next – the joinery, done by Jamie.  We’ve been discussing the finer details of what’s going where.  It’ll be great to see it all finished!