“I’ve never seen SO MANY rocks” is not what you want to hear from your builder.  This is what the excavator found on our block.  Hiding just under the surface were little rocks, medium sized rocks and bloody enormous boulders, all found while digging the driveway, footings and various drains.  Here’s a selection:

Some nice, big boulders

The excavator must have got a bit angry at this one – the others barely had a chip out of them.  Solid granite.

Slightly scratched rock

Here’s Owen the builder admiring the haul from the septic tank pit.

Surely there can’t be rocks everywhere?

Richard is struggling to be philosophical and keeps finding different methods for blowing up rocks into more manageable pieces on Youtube.

Richard and Dad contemplating the rocky issue

Some adjustments have to be made to the building, adding to the cost.  That’s never welcome news.  On the other hand, the rocks are very much part of the place.  Right now, it’s hard to know where to put them or what to do with them, while there’s is a muddy mess of a building site.

I did have a few ideas, but couldn’t get any support.  What’s wrong with Snug Henge, I ask?  Could be a real tourist attraction, right?  I guess that leaves us with Owen’s suggestion – use a few where possible and sensible and heap the rest up somewhere out of the way, until we’ve finished building, lived there a little while and the perfect solution will appear.  What do you think?  Any volunteers for building a pyramid?