Finally, we have ALL the permits and approvals we need from the Council.  The first sod has been turned.  It’s go go go and things are actually, really happening.

We drove down to Snug on the weekend and someone had been busy with a digger, making the driveway.  It’ll be long, as it has to go to our house and the little house for the (hopefully) lots of visitors.  A nice weekend/holiday get-away for people to enjoy the countryside and the beautiful view, watch the birds and wildlife and eat local food.  Some of it will come from our yet-to-be planted vegie patch and maybe even from the bees we are going to have.  Our house will have two bedrooms, it will be compact with no wasted space, cosy and efficient.  There will also be a good size shed, to keep us entertained in retirement (eventually) and on weekends.  What’s a place in the country without a shed?

Driveway construction

Our new house still seems some way off, we have to imagine what it will be like with the help of sticks in the ground.

Corner of the living room

One day soon, we’ll be sitting on a sofa or our chairs, having a coffee and planning our vegie garden.  We may get out the binoculars to watch a cruise ship go past and be not even a little bit jealous.

Driveway to the visitor house

There will be a bit more digging before then – for the driveway, the waste water system, powerlines etcetc.  There has also been a lot of planning for the house(s), down to the light fittings.  We’ve had meetings with Owen, the builder.


NEAThouse specialise in energy efficient, environmentally responsible homes that are affordable.  Sounds good?  It is!  They are simple and well designed.  No energy-guzzling Mc Mansions here. They won the HIA 2016 Australian Greensmart  Display House Award for this home.  More on the house design in the next post and on progress on the building site.  In the meantime, we have put our house in town on the market, after a huge effort to finish all those jobs we’d been putting off.  You know, that awkward last bit of painting here and there, cleaning the paving, washing the windows…