Snug Haus

from bare paddock to home and small business in the country

Done, but not dusted.

It’s finished.  It’s finished! Continue reading “Done, but not dusted.”


We’re the luckiest people in Tassie today. Continue reading “Bewyched”


I was worried.  Very worried. Continue reading “Turbobabies”


We’ve had enough of camping on the floor of the guest Haus on foam mattresses while the main house is being finished. Continue reading “Bedtime!”


I would have looked for that pot of gold, but it started raining again. Continue reading “Rainbow”

Big Chicken

It’s Tribonyx mortierii, to be precise, or the Tasmanian Native Hen. Continue reading “Big Chicken”

Welcoming Committee

Here we are.  We’ve been in our new little place for nearly a week.   Continue reading “Welcoming Committee”

Stage One, Finished

Inspection time. Continue reading “Stage One, Finished”

Back to Nature

The power’s been connected.  Finally! Continue reading “Back to Nature”

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